Walking In A Winter Wonderland

The Winter Ball was fantastic. I saw some moves out on that floor that were interesting to say the least. It was so good to see all of you hanging out and having fun for the night. Thank you so much to Megan, Jenny, Keri, and Ashley for all that you did to put everything together. Make sure you tell them how much you appreciate all that they did. Here are some pictures that you can have so you can make fun of Carl, Andy and the elves.


Middle School Madness

So, the lock-in the other night was pretty sweet. I don’t know what the best part was, there were so many. Maybe it was Mr. Summerville dancing away to the sweet 80’s music while skating. Maybe it was playing underground church for three hours. Maybe it was stuffing ourselves with Krispy Kreme donuts at 3 am. Maybe it was Travis jumping on Megan while she was sound asleep at 6 am. Maybe….well, how about I just put up a bunch of pictures that were taken during the night so you can enjoy all of it all over again.

The Whale’s Tale : By Kailyn Eskridge

We all know the famous story of Jonah and the Big Fish.  It’s such a cool story that Veggietales even took it and made it into an hour long movie, complete with a veggie gospel choir inside of a whale.  I myself have taken part to reenact the famous story of God’s knowledge and love.  But how often do we take into account the other characters in the famous tale? 

I was reading my bible the other day when this thought came to me.  We often imagine how Jonah felt, but what about the supporting actors in this story?  And then I wondered, how could the whale have felt?  I then decided to write a short story.  I call it “The Whale’s Tale” (By Kailyn L. Eskridge)


I was swimming.  Well, duh, that’s kinda what I always do.  Not much else a whale can do.  I mean, I pretty much just swim, then eat, then swim a little more, then sleep, then wake up and start all over.  So when God told me to swim away from my normal territory, I’ll admit I was a little nervous.  God doesn’t generally talk to you for little things.  It’s always important.  I swam double time right to the side of this boat. 

It was a little rocky, seeing as a major storm was kickin’ up.  I had to keep blasting air out of my blowhole just so I could breathe.  Not the best conditions to be sailing a ship.  These humans must be out of their minds.  Well, if this was where God wanted me, by golly I’d wait here! 

Suddenly, I saw a man go flying off the side of the ship and into the water.  As soon as he broke the surface the storm stopped.  Then, I unmistakably heard God tell me to eat the man. 

Wait, wait, wait.  I have to EAT him?  I didn’t want to do it.  Contrary to my large size, I’m a fairly peaceful creature, a gentle giant, if you will.  What could God do with my consuming a human? 

But I did it.  I gritted my teeth (as best as a whale can do) and swallowed the guy whole.  Then, I pretty much went about my routine.  For two days I swam, ate, swam, and slept.  And for the beginning of the third day, I swam and ate.  And then God spoke again.  He told me to swim toward shore. 

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but you’re not a gigantic fish-like creature that tends to have nasty run-ins with the bottoms of boats near shore.  And lemme tell you, when a whale collides with a boat, the boat ALWAYS wins. 

But I did as my Lord told me.  Again.  As always.  Without question.  That’s the problem with humans, they question too much.  I mean, if he’s the God of all creation that holds time in his hands, who asks you to do something personally, I wouldn’t think twice about going.  But I’m getting away from my story. 

I finally got to shore and managed to avoid all of the boats.  Then I noticed my stomach felt a little funny.  I don’t like my stomach feeling funny.  When I was a baby whale, Momma Whale would pat me with her flipper and calm me down so I wouldn’t lose my lunch…

Uh oh.  God wanted me to throw up?  On the beach?  And after I had eaten breakfast?  I grimaced even as my stomach began to growl impatiently.  Well, if it’s for God, I guess I’ll sacrifice my health.  And I did it.  And do you know who came flying out?  That human I had swallowed three days before.  He tried to wipe the slime off, and then he fell on his knees to talk to God.  Then he rushed off toward this town called Nineveh.  Weird.

But I know God understood what was going on.  He understood the whole time, cuz he was in control. 

I wonder what ever happened to that guy…

An Act of Love?

So Kailyn has done some investigative work on the recent atrocity of the Pressley’s yard being rolled.  After close examination, she has come to the conclusion that this act was not done to do harm, but to show love.  Here is her evidence – I think that it proves her case.

The Audacity!!!!

Mark has been one of the greatest youth leaders of all time.  He has been here longer than any other and has always been helpful to both youth and other youth leaders.  This morning I received some pretty staggering pictures.  They were sent to me by an anonymous emailer (not really, but it sounds cooler) and they blew my mind.  How could someone do such an atrocious thing to a family that means so much.  It obviously wasn’t meant for Tammy, she is much too sweet.  Couldn’t be directed at Mark either because he did win the Facial Hair Contest.  It must have been Jordan and Megan that they were aiming for.  As a warning, I would just say to those involved, watch out.  Jordan and Megan are on the prowl and they are coming to get you.

By the way – The Salem Baptist Youth Group and it’s leadership does not condone the practice of practical joking or pranking.  Any action taken up against such people will result in the immediate domination of the disturbing party.  Thank You.  And remember – spread love, not toilet paper (even though I believe in this case toilet paper was used as a sign of affection, as weird as that sounds).

Camp Caraway

Here are some pictures from the fall retreat.  Enjoy!!

Caraway Sweet Sixteen

So usually we do a top ten after a trip, but this one must get the sweet sixteen treatment.  Here they are: